Big Wrench Repair was started in March 1992 by Albin Moore.

At the present Albin works the shop and Alice organizes him from the office. Big Wrench Repair is the family owned and operated automobile and truck repair facility you can depend on.

Albin doesn't just "work on cars" without results... he'll repair your vehicle to go the distance!
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Not just Mechanics... Keeping up with the changing technology that is used in today’s automobiles and trucks is a real battle. Each of our Technicians puts in over 100 hours of training per year. Along with the training several thousand dollars of equipment updates must be added every year to stay current with the ever changing technology of today’s cars.

8535 Main Street, Dryden, WA 98821 / (509) 782-2265 / Hours: 8 - 5:30, Mon - Fri